Unibet Masters 2014

Unibet now have over 130 different markets available on the Unibet Masters which provides those who enjoy a bet on darts the most complete betting experience there has ever been on any tournament.

Michael van Gerwen has proved very popular in the last few days and is now 2/1 clear favouritewith Unibet to lift the trophy, while Phil Taylor is second best at 3/1.

All of initial 8 matches in the first round have been priced up – and Unibet have 15 different markets upon which to bet in each of these matches, including highest checkoutcorrect score leg betting and first three dart score

Don’t forget that not only will you be able to place bets on your tablet or mobile device, those at the Royal Highland Centre in Edinburgh over the weekend of November 1st and November 2ndwill also be able to bet with Unibet at the venue with cash bets too – as Unibet will have betting facilities at the venue.

And, in what has been designed to offer even more value to those coming to the Unibet Masters, and to get the crowd engaged with the event and the Unibet brand, we’ve introduced a special180 Challenge #Unibet180!

The pressure will really be on the shoulders of Michael van Gerwen, Phil Taylor and all other darts players during the Unibet Masters. This is because scoring 180s is worth more to the crowd than just another reason to cheer and shout. 

Unibet introduces – in close collaboration with the PDC – the 180 Challenge, in which the crowd can expect prizes after every seventh 180 score.

“It’s unique and also very pleasing that our fans are rewarded for the 180s we throw.” says Michael van Gerwen.

According to Phil Taylor “the 180 Challenge motivates us players even more to get the best out of ourselves” 

Like Van Gerwen and Taylor, all the darts players that will appear during the Unibet Masters will give their best to score as many 180s as possible.

By means of a giant construction on the side of the stage, the crowd can keep track on the number of 180 that have been thrown in the Royal Highland Centre. After every 180 score, one of the walk-on-girls will enter the stage to add one of the Unibet logo balls to the construction. Once the seventh 180 has been thrown, the logo is completed and the fans can expect unique prizes during the next break in play.

The 180 challenge is yet another example of Unibet giving more to those who enjoy their darts, and it embodies the Unibet brand values of being friendly, passionate and expert! 

Unibet have made a market on the total number of 180s to be thrown during the tournament and there has been a huge move for over 96.5 – that now stands at 2/5 while under 96.5 is a 7/4chance.


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